Comments by Jorge

🕐 07-9-19 9:22 PMJT
Photo - 51073
I just noticed the gauges. I am really liking the white dials. Now you have me rethinking my instrument cluster Smile
🕐 07-9-19 9:02 PMJT
Photo 51068
Oh wow! What a beautiful TR. I like the two mirrors. I will need to get an extra one for my passenger door.
🕐 07-2-19 6:49 PMJT
Photo: 51058
By: JT
Getting closer to the day where I can see if it runs Smile
🕐 05-13-19 8:53 AMJT
Photo 51010
Sweet looking 6. I have those wheels. They look great on your car.
🕐 04-28-19 2:49 PMJT
Photo: 51004
By: JT
Contrary to what the Bently books says, You simply cannot slide the old tensioner out. It's too wide. You have to remove the retaining pin.
🕐 04-28-19 2:45 PMJT
Photo: 50999
By: JT
Do these timing marks look odd?

Original damper is the gray one. The new one is the black one. However, the timing marks on the new one for BTDC don't jive with the old ones. I know I can always just subtract 4 from the numbers to get it to match. Just wondering why its this way.
🕐 04-20-19 4:20 PMJT
Photo - 50962
By: JT
Powder coated a lot of things prior to assembly. Now I realize the front plate needs to be stripped. If the heat exceeds 400 degrees it will melt the powder coat and potentially run into the engine. Bad planning on my side.

Maybe I am wrong so am open to hear back from others.
🕐 03-27-19 9:27 PMJT
Photo - 50950
Impressive looking hub. Was it an easy job to install? I have to replace my trailing arm and am wondering what is involved with the hub removal. Im so tired of working on my car, I'm about to give up Frown
🕐 03-22-19 12:48 PMJT
Photo 50948
At first glance I thought it was a TVR Tasmin. The body panels really enhance the look and give it a much more muscular stance. Love it!
🕐 03-22-19 12:46 PMJT
Photo 50945
Wow. That looks like a find! Was it running ?
🕐 03-19-19 6:36 PMJT
Photo - 50921
That is so classic looking. I bet you get many compliments. I just love the simple look of these carsSmile
🕐 03-17-19 4:43 PMJT
Photo 50927
By: JT
Time to start putting it back together.
🕐 03-17-19 4:42 PMJT
Photo 50925
By: JT
Trunk / boot lid turned out ok.
🕐 03-17-19 4:41 PMJT
Photo 50926
By: JT
Spent all day wet sanding and buffing today. Spring is here and I can do more work.
🕐 03-17-19 4:41 PMJT
Photo 50928
By: JT
Spent all day wet sanding and buffing today. Spring is here and I can do more work.
🕐 03-14-19 10:44 AMJT
Photo - 50922
Have you noticed any gain in power after the conversion? I am trying to get the most bang for the buck in power without radical mods.

Yes, the dash looks amazing. Have you put anything around the switch to protect from key scratches?
🕐 03-12-19 12:52 PMJT
Photo - 50923
Love the key in the dash. What kind of wood is your dash? It's stunning. Wish I had done something like that instead.
🕐 03-12-19 12:51 PMJT
Photo - 50922
Oh wow. Thats pretty slick looking and clean. I often though about the fuel injection system but never moved forward on any options. I have the triple Webbers but a fuel injection is low maintenance and runs so much smoother.

Thats a really nice setup. I like your filter box.
🕐 03-11-19 12:14 PMJT
Photo - 50911
That is amazing that this was the only rust you found. What a gem Smile

This reminds me of a 74 TR6 I had where I had to patch the sills. I will post some pictures later. I took galvanized steel, cut and shaped the pieces and brazed them into place. I wonder how it has held up over the years?
🕐 03-11-19 11:55 AMJT
Photo - 50912
Any details about the engine and transmission? Looks mean Smile

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