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🕐 03-28-19 8:00 PMsafire6
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Hi JT,
Yes installing the hubs was easy. Very simple and straightforward. I assume that you have the Bentley manual? Replacing the U-joints on the original axles not so much but this was the 2nd time I've done the U-joints in the 30 years I've had the car so no complaints. I installed Keen-serts in the aluminum trailing arms years ago. I've seen all your pics and progress on your car and you've come a long giving up now! It took me 5 years to do the frame off on my '72...just keep plugging'l be well worth it when it's done! I never would have attempted to paint my own car because I don't have the skills or the patience, so good for you-you've done a great job as shown by your pics!

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