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🕐 07-2-19 6:49 PMJT
Photo: 51058
By: JT
Getting closer to the day where I can see if it runs Smile
🕐 04-28-19 2:49 PMJT
Photo: 51004
By: JT
Contrary to what the Bently books says, You simply cannot slide the old tensioner out. It's too wide. You have to remove the retaining pin.
🕐 04-28-19 2:45 PMJT
Photo: 50999
By: JT
Do these timing marks look odd?

Original damper is the gray one. The new one is the black one. However, the timing marks on the new one for BTDC don't jive with the old ones. I know I can always just subtract 4 from the numbers to get it to match. Just wondering why its this way.
🕐 04-20-19 4:20 PMJT
Photo - 50962
By: JT
Powder coated a lot of things prior to assembly. Now I realize the front plate needs to be stripped. If the heat exceeds 400 degrees it will melt the powder coat and potentially run into the engine. Bad planning on my side.

Maybe I am wrong so am open to hear back from others.
🕐 03-17-19 4:43 PMJT
Photo 50927
By: JT
Time to start putting it back together.
🕐 03-17-19 4:42 PMJT
Photo 50925
By: JT
Trunk / boot lid turned out ok.
🕐 03-17-19 4:41 PMJT
Photo 50926
By: JT
Spent all day wet sanding and buffing today. Spring is here and I can do more work.
🕐 03-17-19 4:41 PMJT
Photo 50928
By: JT
Spent all day wet sanding and buffing today. Spring is here and I can do more work.
🕐 03-2-19 11:37 PMJT
Photo: 50894
By: JT
My favorite paint gun. Had it for 25 years or so. Optima 800. Its awesome.
🕐 03-2-19 7:42 PMJT
Photo - 50899
By: JT
Getting ready to paint the hood. I found 1 minor imperfection that needs addressing so instead of just base and clear, I now need to use some glazing putty, then prime again, block then finally paint.
🕐 02-16-19 6:42 PMJT
Damaged scuttle
By: JT
Wow. I am so pissed ! I was pulling forward on the windshield frame to try and adjust it for my door windows. Little did I know I was pushing a bracket up from underneath the scuttle. Now I have these acute outward dings by the windshield.

Have not even finished putting the car together after painting!
🕐 02-15-19 1:47 PMJT
Photo 50766
By: JT
Ouch !
🕐 02-15-19 11:52 AMJT
Photo 50767
By: JT
🕐 02-15-19 9:58 AMJT
Photo - 50715
By: JT
Gauges just sitting in place to see how they look. I had all the gauges refurbished at the gauge shop in the uk. They came back looking new. The total cost including shipping to the US was 397 sterling.

FYI, I just saw that Rimmer Brothers has all new gauges except speed and tack for a very reasonable price.
🕐 02-8-19 9:12 AMJT
More chrome.
By: JT
I am so impatient. I am starting to put things back together ahead of time. Mirror, door handles, seals etc ... I just cant wait till it's done !

Also, this shows the paint off really well. Not to bad for a garage paint job Smile

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