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🕐 03-28-19 8:00 PMsafire6
Photo - 50950
Hi JT,
Yes installing the hubs was easy. Very simple and straightforward. I assume that you have the Bentley manual? Replacing the U-joints on the original axles not so much but this was the 2nd time I've done the U-joints in the 30 years I've had the car so no complaints. I installed Keen-serts in the aluminum trailing arms years ago. I've seen all your pics and progress on your car and you've come a long giving up now! It took me 5 years to do the frame off on my '72...just keep plugging'l be well worth it when it's done! I never would have attempted to paint my own car because I don't have the skills or the patience, so good for you-you've done a great job as shown by your pics!
🕐 03-27-19 9:27 PMJT
Photo - 50950
Impressive looking hub. Was it an easy job to install? I have to replace my trailing arm and am wondering what is involved with the hub removal. Im so tired of working on my car, I'm about to give up Frown
🕐 02-23-19 10:13 AMkeithstewart
Photo 50809
Assuming you want the black ones like those on the green car rather than the stainless ones like those on the blue one, you can get them from Sailrite at:

I used to get mine from King Richard but they do not seem to be around/have them. Be aware that the better ones are anodized or plated while some are painted black and these scratch easily through the snap/unsnap process. The good metal ones are the same as those used on Porsche and Mercedes so you might also be able to pick up a small quantity at a local top shop.
🕐 02-21-19 9:44 PMJT
Photo 50809
I like the metal snaps for the tonneau cover. The one on my car are plastic from The Roadster factory. Where did you get the metal ones at? I am most willing to change out the ones on my car. You can see them here.

Embeded Photo

🕐 02-21-19 9:41 PMJT
Photo 50810
So nice to see a TR6 looking like it just rolled off the assembly line. You even have the Lucas alternator.
🕐 02-21-19 9:40 PMJT
Photo 50811
That is one clean looking engine compartment. Looks amazing and original!
🕐 02-16-19 7:24 PMJT
Photo: 50784
when I get enough of these gorgeous pictures of TR6 added to the Hall of Fame, they are the ones that will appear on the homepage at random. I just added this one to the Hall of Fame it is a beautiful beautiful car.
🕐 02-16-19 7:07 PMJT
Photo: 50783
I'm so jealous. It's gorgeous ! What a beautiful example of a TR6.

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