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Date posted2019-10-22

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JT - 10-22-19 9:15 PM
Hunting down an oil leak.

So I noticed there is a small oil leak on my garage floor now that the car has been sitting for a while. After a while of inspecting and following sources, I came across the following.

The head rests on the block and where you see the 2 arrows is a little bit of a ledge from the block. There is some oil pooled on top of the ledge. Looking around I see oil on the two plugs above circled in red.

I will have a better look tomorrow but I am thinking there should be no leaks from the plugs since they are plugs for water. Possibly coming from the valve cover seeping down that way? I need further investigating. However, just to be double sure, those two plugs are for water. Correct ???