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Where and When Did You Get Your TR6

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By Bob Evans

I bought mine as a usable driver in April 2004 from Drake's British Motors in Kelowna BC, Canada. Len Drake is a good guy who sold me an honest rust-free car for a good price. I tried to put the following info in my Registration post but had probles, which the administrator has since fixed but here is the history. Shipped it via CN Rail and container ship from Vancouver to St. John's, Nfld. Cost $2200 to ship it in '04. Drove it the day it arrived on a flatbed. A little rough but not bad. Immediately did the brakes and serviced all hydraulics, bled the clutch and tuned the carbs. Drove the wheels off it that Summer as I continued to address small issues but put over 10,000 miles on it; never stopped. Did some suspension work over the Winter, continued to replace bits over Spring and Summer and in August, stripped it to bare metal and had it painted as I had enough mechanicals sorted out to spend time on the body. We cut three very small pieces of rust out of the car and my paint/body guy fabbed and Mig'd in new pieces. I will post the rusty bits pics on the Forum. Left the car with the body guy and left for Florida to bring home my buddy's 43 ft motor yacht. Came down the Gulf of Mexico in mid-late August straight at Katrina spooling up in the islands and heading for the Gulf coast. We were under weather watches and planned for hauling the boat at virtually every night-time marina stop. Dodged that one and scooted across Lake Okeechobee and the waterway to the Atlantic side and safety. Didn't want to get killed without seeing my 6 in new paint Smile. Had bad weather off Cape Fear (well named) but nothing like the fury of Katrina that we just missed. Drove the car Spring, Summer and Fall and continued to make improvements big and small including clutch and pressure plate, brake and clutch master cylinders, clutch slave, rear wheel cylinders, tube shocks, u-joints and a replacement diff, etc until I pulled it off the road in October 2011 to pull the engine and replace it with my rebuilt, beefed up spare engine. GP2 cam, hardened valves and Goodparts competition dual valve springs, manganese bronze guides and teflon oil seals, Falcon dual stainless exhaust, head shaved 60 thou, Pertronix ignition, rebuilt carbs, Ford Fiesta Bosch alternator and more. Then bought a BMW Z4 in Spring 2012 and let the 6 sit fror 3 years while I drove the Z4 full-time. Sold the Z4 in Spring 2015 and got the TR6 out again after stripping and painting the engine bay and reinstalling the engine with a new, refurbished gearbox. Had clutch trouble due to the gearbox being from a late TR4A with the flange that the release bearing rides on being too long for the TR6 by 3/8". Pulled and reinstalled the gearbox twice before I got it sorted out. Now running beautifully and riding on 205/70 - 15 Yokohama AVID TRZ's on Konig Rewind Graphite (dark gray) alloy rims. Also installed an African Rosewood dash from Carl Visser in Michigan and a Moto-Lita leather-wrapped aluminum steering wheel. Have a new, correct convertible top with reflective stripes and a trunk board kit ready to install this Winter. Not much let to do except get a new windshield and do some detail work. I was going to sell it and look for another Z4 but I think I'll keep it. 14 years of hard work is hard to part with and it is a pretty unique car in these parts. Would love to hear of other members' experiences.



P.S. Posted the pics of the rusty bits on the Forum.


Reply from floydfan on 04-3-19 9:41 AM
I purchased my first Tr6 new from a dealership in Las Vegas in 1972. It was Saffron in color. When I purchase it, it was never my daily driver. The times that we're had in that car can never be duplicated. As they say "more smiles to the mile" and that was certainly true. In 1998 I had to go to the Nursery to pick up some parts for the sprinkler system and decided to take the Tr. As I was returning home an 82 yr old women who was turning into the driveway of a Casino turned left while looking at the "Pretty Motor homes" parked on the other side of the street. You guessed it she turned into me and hit me head on. After checking on the woman I looked at my car and saw the frame had been bent, the engine pushed back into the firewall etc. The car was a total loss, having less than 29,000 miles on it.

For the next 3 years I traveled and looked at so many tr's I lost count, I passed up many fine low mileage cars because I was looking for something that could never be replaced, memories.

Early in 2002 I purchased a 1965 Corvette that was almost flawless and enjoyed it until this past February when I decided to sell the Vette. The first person to look at the car bought it on the spot.

I then traveled to Phoenix to look at a 1976 Tr Inca color and quite nice appearing car, but it was not to be. Many mechanical issues for me to undertake. I went back to phoenix again this time to Mecum and looked at 3 Tr's offered in the sale (one of which was the one I had earlier traveled to see. One was very rough and the other had a Judson supercharger installed. I passed on them both.

Earlier this week I purchased a 1974 Tr6, color Mimosa. I'm already smiling and those memories are flooding back for me and the anticipation of the one's yet to be made.
Reply from safire6 on 03-28-19 8:14 PM
I bought my '72 TR6 in May of 1989. Paid $3500 to a small used car dealer in Monroe OH. It was the 3rd TR I looked at and the only one I could afford at the time. It had lots of rust in the floorpans, rockers and rear wings and very little electrics worked, but it ran. First thing I did to it was rebuild the front suspension, then replaced all the bearings in the bottom end along with the oil pump. Did a little at a time over the next 15 years until 2004 when I decided it was time to do a complete frame off restoration which took 5 years. Did it all myself except for the bodywork and paint and redoing the seats. About 5 years ago I put the Toyota W58 5 speed tranny in it with the Eaglegate conversion kit. Couldn't have done the restoration without the help of the guys in the local TR club here in Cincinnati.
Reply from Jorge on 03-22-19 1:36 PM
How bad was the engine after 25 years ?
Reply from James Proctor on 03-22-19 12:50 PM
This is my first TR6. I have owned several TR7's, but the owner of the TR6 wanted me to have this TR6 that had been stored for 25+ years. The deal was way to good to pass up.

I now have it running and driving.
Reply from Jorge on 03-17-19 9:06 PM
That's quite an interesting story about the transmission. I'm getting a little burned out on my restoration and may need to take a break. Problem is I need the garage clean so I can sell the house. Frown
Reply from sisyphus6 on 03-17-19 6:53 PM
This is my first TR-6. I had an MG which I lost along with everything else my family owned and built over the last 150 years when my Great Grand parents homesteaded here in CO when a forest fire passed through. I found this one by chance and have been slowly trying to get it to run. Engine fine, body pretty good for 45 years old. Transmission...well lets just say the "It was running fine five years ago when we parked it" sales line is pretty iffy, no flat out BS. While replacing clutch master and slave cylinders I discovered a crack in the bell housing, so pulled it to see if I could get it repaired and since out of the car figured I have it gone through. The transmission shop showed me the parts I needed to order while the welded the housing. I received the parts only to find they didn't fit, well low and behold my TR-6 has a TR-4 transmission in it. BUT on the bright side they interchange so other than having a 50 + year old transmission in my 45 year old car no problems. Since there is no longer any pressing reason to try and keep it stock I am probably going to up grade to one of the kits and put a 5 speed in it and then just drive the wheels off it. Till then I am working through the other little issues cars develop over time. This may also explain why I call it Sisyphus since its a rock I have to keep pushing, for NOW!
Reply from Jorge on 03-10-19 6:55 PM

This is my 2nd TR6. The last one I restored was a 1974 about 30 years ago when I lived in Florida. Just before moving to the NW, I sold it to a guy from Belgium and he shipped it back over seas.

Now, My wife was telling me I need to do a project with my 17 year old son. 16 back when I boughtthis 76. He helped for about a month and now its been all me since. I bought this 76 from a laywer in Seattle. Hardly any rust on the car. Really surprised. It do not run well at all when I picked it up. I paid 6000.00 for it.  This is the car when I picked it up.

Anyway, Bought the car in March of 18. Still working on it. Engine completely torn down. New psitons, rings, rods, bearing you name it. I just need to put it back together.

What is interesting about this car, is it was a diplomats car that was broght into the US back in 1976. I have all the papers and vehicle passport Smile which I will photograph and add to a gallery here.

Anyway, when I make more progress, I will update my post.

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