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The process of painting my TR6 hood / Bonnet

By Jorge

My restoration process has no method to it. What ever I feel like working on at the time gets addressed. Maybe that is why is taking me so long to get the car done. Having said that, I initially painted the entire car less the bonnet which was stored in the shed. I figured I would get to it soon enough and it wasn't really needed to continue since it won't go on until the engine is back in. So, here are a few picture showing the process of the bonnet paint job.

Stripping the old paint off, I started with a porter cable stripper but ended up using a grinder with a nylon 5 inch abrasive disc.

Embeded Photo

I finished of with 220 grit paper and a DA.

Embeded Photo

Moving on, I sprayed PPG DP90LF Epoxy primer which I did not photograph but is underneath the gray primer you see in this photo. The gray primer is PPG K36 primer.

Embeded Photo

I then sprayed my base coat and ran into issues in the channels of the bonnet where it curves up to the side. The paint started pooling there resulting in wrinkles. Needless to say, this made me feel pretty bad so I abandoned the project for a couple of weeks.
This past weekend, I sanded a few spot sown to the bare metal to get rid of the wrinkles. re primed with the K36 primer and sprayed it one more time. I made sure to go light on the initial build of the base coat with a 10 minute flash between coats. The indoor temperature was 68 degrees Fahrenheit .

I used my trusty Optima 800 gun to spray the base coast.

Embeded Photo

Looking good so far. So I moved on to the clear coat. Clear coat went on fine but I had quite a few dust spots due to all the crap I left inside my home made spry booth and not properly cleaning it out before spraying. Towards the end of the spray I had so much dust I decided to just lay down 4 thick wet coats of the Dupont Chromaclear and pray I could sand past it.

I used Dupont Chromabase.

Embeded Photo

The clear coat was applied using a Nordson Trilogy gun. Basically its a rebranded Optima Trifinity which is probably the best you can get. Checkout this video from the Gunman on the Gun. I have been using Optima guns for a very long time But its nice to see a pro review them.

These are my two babies !

Embeded Photo

The next morning, it looked pretty sad with dust nibs everywhere and some orange peel. So off to work I went.
Later in the afternoon when I got home from work, I decided to see if I could salvage the paint job. It manually sanded the entire bonnet with wet 1500 until it was smooth and flat. I mean this thing looked like a ground down piece of glass. I eliminated every bit of orange peel and dust. I then hit it with wet 2000 grit on the DA for one last pass.

After the prep, it was off to the the cut and buff. Started with Number 1 3M Perfect it and the white foam pad. Then on to Number 2 with the black foam pad and finally Number 3 with the blue foam pad. I did hit a hew hot spots which required some sanding and rebuffing but it was all good. In the end,this is what it looks like.

Embeded Photo

Embeded Photo

Embeded Photo

So back into the shed until final assembly. Who knows when ?

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