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New Car Club Feature

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By Jorge

Triumph Drivers has just added a new feature ! You can now create your own car club and host it here. I am in the process of adding additional features to the car club option to make it even better. This is only the beginning. In a nutshell here is how it works ....

Log in.

Go to your dashboard by clicking on your image at the top right of any page once logged in.

Under the "Accounts Settings and Options" section on the left of the page, you will see "Create a Club"

Click on the "Create a Club" link and fill out the form fields.

Most of the data is required. Some is not.

The Paypal Email address is for clubs that take fees and they use paypal for being paid. This feature is not directly active here on TD's.

Once the club is Created, you will be directed to the club page.

From the club page, you can edit the logo and branding image.

You can see stats about your club, such as who visited last, number of visits etc ....

Lower down on the page you will see your club members.

There are two additional buttons.

1. Click of Organization number
2. Click for Organization email link

Both clicks will pop up a window with a cryptic number.

If you share just the number with another member, They can join the club by entering it as an invite code. This option is available on all member dashboards.

If you click on the email link, you will get a registration link that you can send via an email to one or many people. If they click on the link you provide, when their registration on TD's is complete, they will be part of your club automatically.

You can even review and rate a club!

This is just the start. more to come. so hang tight for more related features to clubs!

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