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Fuel pump

By Cliff Pinder

I have isolated the fuel issue to the fuel pump and order an exact replacement from Moss Motors. I install the pump but it is not pumping! The car runs well from a separate fuel cell but not the main tank - the clear in-line fuel filter is not filling. Are there any "secrets" to installing the fuel pump? I took the old one off from the block and replaced with a new one: I feel what I suspect is the pressure from the CAM on the pump lever so I presume also that lever will ride along the CAM.

Any suggestions?

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Reply from Cliff Pinder on 05-7-20 8:56 AM
After going through vacuum lines and fuel lines I found the issue. The previous owner had used a liquid gel/sealant for the gas tank: it separated from the tank and was intermittently blocking the flow of fuel.

I dropped the tank and cleaned out several times with acetone, acid wash, copious water rinses, and more acetone washes i refilled with gasoline. I changed all the fuel filters too.

On 2nd try the TR6 coughed. 3rd try she fired up.

PS Fuel pump was NEVER the issue so now I have a spare!

Opinion - stay well away from those our-in fuel tank liners!!

Thank you Jorge for your post.
Reply from Cliff Pinder on 05-13-19 1:27 PM
With the fuel pump bolted in and inlet fuel line connected (to the main fuel tank) I ran the discharge line into an auxiliary gas can; the carbs were fed fuel from the auxiliary gas can; and the car started up and ran beautifully. My thought is that the car running would prime the fuel pump and discharge line - not so. Fuel was never pumped out yet there is no blockage from main tank to fuel pump.
Reply from Jorge on 05-11-19 11:03 PM
Have you tried priming the fuel line? If you have a vacant line it may take a little effort to get fuel into the pump. If you could squirt some starting fluid into the carbs and get it going for a few seconds, that may be enough to draw the fuel up. Otherwise you may have a blockage or sediment in the line.
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